For inspection and technical control activities, Inarcheck employs qualified inspectors throughout the Country, which are coordinated by an internal team of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the sector. We help public and private bodies to guarantee the quality of the projects both in the planning phase and in the executive phase.

Marco Setti Technical Director

We are a Type A accredited inspection body for design verification, construction site technical control and real estate reports review. We also provide certification of skills as an accredited person certification organization for real estate appraisers and condominium administrators. Impartiality and independence are our cornerstones since the foundation.

Francesca Cassaro Technical Responsible

We are an institutional reality with solid shareholders. Innovation, flexibility and high specialization are the drivers that characterize us. Thanks to our majority shareholder, we can activate a capillary network of technical skills in the area to support verification and control services in the Real Estate sector, in particular on distressed assets.  

Paolo Negri Chief Operating Officer