The Company majority shareholder is CIPAG (Cassa Italiana di Previdenza e Assistenza Geometri), participated by the following shareholders: Banca Popolare di Sondrio Spa, UnipolSai Finance Spa, Inarcassa – Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza per gli Ingegneri ed Architetti Liberi Professionisti, DEI S.r.l. Civil Engineering Typography, Inarcheck (treasury shares).

The Directors Board guarantees the Company governance, which appoints the CEO of the Company, by the Statutory Auditors Board. The President of the Directors Board is geom. Francesco Di Leo.
The Directors Board is the collective body to which is entrusted the management of the Company joint stock and the Auditors Board is the control body made up of three professionals with proven experience who supervise the management of the Company and the correct corporate administrative and fiscal conduct. Governance provides for the application of a quality protocol also in compliance with the provisions of Type “A” Inspection Bodies. The Management periodically compares itself in order to monitor company activity.


Organization chart

The Company is made up of resources located in Milan at the headquarters in Via Gaetano Negri 8. On the national territory the Company operates through a network of over 50 external professionals (all qualified), and is able to guarantee significant capillarity thanks to the link with the majority shareholder.

The Chief Operating Officer assists the CEO in his functions and oversees all operating areas: “Accredia”, Technical, Commercial, Business Development, Administration and Finance services and corporate secretariat.

The Technical Director of the Company pursuant to art.3 of the Decree 2 December 2016, n. 263 is Eng. Barbara Birolini and supervises the company’s Technical Area.
The Technical Director, with regard to management and quality assurance, has the following task:

  • Planning and organization of activities;
  • Monitoring of the Company’s technical activities, as well as the preparation of suitable monthly reports aimed at representing the technical and economic performance of all the Company’s orders;
  • The identification and use of qualified personnel for the assignments, an activity carried out jointly with the Technical Responsible as regards the services performed under accreditation;
  • Optimization and management of the staff;
  • The supply of elements for the preparation of the budget;
  • The implementation and maintenance of the QMS (jointly with CEO, COO, TR and RdD);
  • Checking the technical and administrative documents relating to the assignments

In relation to the services performed under accreditation, the activities are carried out jointly with the Technical Responsible.

The Company’s Technical Responsible pursuant to art.5.2.5 of the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 standard (as well as the related Accredia Regulations) is Eng. Francesca Cassaro.

The Technical Responsible works exclusively for Inarcheck and is in no way involved – in technical, administrative or financial terms – in activities connected with the design, production, marketing, etc. of the projects, or of the works whose projects are subject to verification. The Technical Responsible is responsible for approving the inspection reports.

Finally, the Technical Responsible has the following task:

  • Checking the technical and administrative documents relating to the assignments (jointly with the Technical Director);
  • Assistance to inspectors of the accreditation or certification body, during third-party audits conducted initially and during the monitoring / maintenance of accreditation / certification.

In case of a temporary absence of the Technical Responsible, the substitute Technical Responsible performs his functions, role held by the current Technical Director.


Fausto Amadasi

Fausto Amadasi

Amministratore Delegato
Paolo Negri

Paolo Negri

Direttore Operativo
Marco Setti

Marco Setti

Direttore Tecnico
Francesca Cassaro

Francesca Cassaro

Responsabile Tecnico
Monica Porrata

Monica Porrata

Responsabile Amministratore e Finanza

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