Design Verification

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Design verification

The service goals are:
– Compliance of the final (executive) project with the technical and economic (final) feasibility project;
– The completeness of the design;
– The coherence and completeness of the economic framework in all its aspects;
– The procurement of the chosen design solution;
– The conditions for the durability of the work over time;
– The minimization of the risks of introducing variants and litigation;
– The possibility of completing the work within the deadlines;
– The safety of workers and users;
– The adequacy of the unit prices used;
– The maintainability of the works, where required.

The procedure also applied in the private sector, in the public sector is mandatory as provided for by art. 26, paragraphs 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments, in order to provide the Person Responsible of the Procedure with all the information necessary for the validation of the project.

Public Administrations, owners and managers of real estate portfolios, construction companies, facility and project service companies, freelancers and associated studies.